Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do you meet?

Depending on the weather, we meet either inside or outside on the Patio at 2129 Woodcrest Drive in Lynchburg.

What time are your services?

At this point, we have one service every Sunday morning at 10 AM that normally lasts for about 60 minutes.

What goes on during the service?

Our service includes the preaching of the Word and a blend of contemporary and acoustic styles of music, featuring updated arrangements of historical hymns and more recent praise songs.

Do you have child care?

Not at this time.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope! Many people will follow along with the scripture passage in their Bible or on their smart phone.

How can I get in touch with someone from your church?

Click on this link and send us an email. Or email us at

Do I have to dress up at New Hope?

Style is casual, so wear your favorite jeans. But if a 3-piece with tie is your thing, that’s okay too.

What is your church affiliation?

New Hope Community Church is a Mission Church in the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). The EPC exists to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus as a denomination of Presbyterian, Reformed, Evangelical, and Missional congregations.

How old is your church?

The church began in July of 2018. That means you will have opportunities to use your talents as part of a growing community.

Are you just one ethnicity?

A resounding no! And our prayer would be that we never are. Just trying to grow into a more creative, colorful tapestry of a unified city.

Will I be pressured about giving?

No. We know that giving has to be your choice and done if and when you think the time is right. Your trust matters to us which is why we regularly distribute transparent budget statements to all who call NHCC home.

There are more than 300 churches in Lynchburg, so why did NHCC start another one?

We live in a beautiful city that still has untapped potential. Although it is church-rich, it is sadly and too often grace-poor. We hope to help remedy that.

What if I’m not perfect?

Perfect! NHCC is the place where it’s ok not to be ok.

Do you have ministries for all ages?

Not yet, but we are passionate about reaching into the lives of children and young people. Come be part of the adventure as we grow.

Okay, so let’s say I give NHCC a try. What happens?

Well, you won’t leave hungry. Seriously, it is our hope you will be encouraged by our morning songs and sermon, followed by a short meet and greet with tasty snacks.

What is your style of service?

Liturgical. Say what? “Li-tur-gi-cal”. Liturgical services are biblically based patterns of approaching and responding to God together. This includes elements such as sermons, sacraments, scripture readings, confessions, and song. Actually, our music is a blend of contemporary styles, with content-driven songs and creative arrangements of time-tested hymns. If this still sounds foreign to you, we understand. Simply come and experience the service. We promise, it won’t hurt you. And we look forward to meeting, greeting and feeding you!