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Discover God's Love Together

Help One Another

Bring Hope

New Hope Community Church is a mission church in the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Our practices in government, discipline, and worship are regulated by the EPC Book of Order. The doctrinal standards are summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism. 

All scripture is God-breathed and being ultimate truth, it requires our full obedience. The infallible Word of God is a complete and unified witness to God’s redemptive acts such as the incarnation of the Living Word, Jesus Christ. The Bible, uniquely and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the supreme and final authority on all matters. ​​​


One God, three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Sovereign Creator and Sustainer of all things; Infinitely perfect and eternally existing.

Holy Spirit

Comes to glorify Christ; convicts us of sin and unites the believer with Christ; instructs and guides us in all truth; empowers and imparts gifts to us for service.


Commands believers to share God's word and make disciples of all nations; Calls us to be obedient; Help believers to grow in faith, maturity, and wisdom

The Return

Jesus Christ will come again to earth personally, visibly, and powerfully—to judge the living and the dead; Will bring to completion the eternal plan of God.


The Living Word; Became flesh through the Holy Spirit and virgin birth. Sacrificed Himself for our sins and arose on the 3rd day. Sits at the right hand of the Father.


Condemned by sin; Dependent upon God’s free grace; Must be born again through the Holy Spirit; Justified by faith in Jesus Christ alone; We become children of God.

The Church

God's people united together in the body of Christ; Continues the work of Christ on Earth; Teaches and practices biblical discipline; Awaits for the return of Jesus.


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