At New Hope, we desire to:

Discover God's love together.

Help one another.

Bring Hope.


At New Hope Community Church, we are:

  • Discovering gospel assurance for the fallen human condition as we learn about and apply God’s love and grace to our lives.

  • Growing in wisdom and maturity together in a family-friendly community—where one is no longer struggling to be free but free to struggle.

  • Encouraging a safe place to ask questions and explore faith.

  • Celebrating the new hope enjoyed when embracing salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

  • Acknowledging that none are worthy but all are welcomed.

  • Focusing on authentic relationships that recognize the whole person.

  • Living out the historical Gospel message of the resurrected Christ in our church, workplaces, and communities.

  • Connecting essential doctrines of the faith with real life.

  • Demonstrating biblical leadership with compassion, integrity and accountability.